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The weather is cold and the new pumpkin spice latte is in full effect. With the holidays nipping at our heels, we are bringing you some of the things that are inspiring us this season; more bolder, more livelier, and less faint-hearted than ever.

1) Sunnies by one of our most favourite designers. The Islington by Preen has an iconic cat-eye shape but a modern contrast to them. Keep the Wayfarers and the Aviators away until summer. These sunnies will make the holidays a glamorous walk in the park.

2) For the numerous parties this season fulling up your social calendar, go with a classic black sheath dress with enough drama and flair to carry from a workplace dinner to a formal gala. The ostrich feather cuffs of this ebullient mini dress will make a striking conversation starter.

3) Following right along the theme of texture are these velvet shoes from Zara. They’ve got a classic silhouette with enough details to keep it interesting.

4) A sexy, structured leather satchel. Something that oozes luxe and makes you want to run your hand along the fabric. This Fendi Peakaboo does that exactly right.

5) These classic maison candles are thick and luxurious. They have the kind of scents that are complex and intriguing. Burn them at your dinner parties if you want something to differentiate yourself from the vanillas and the apple-cinnamons.

6) For yourself to enjoy or buy it for the sheer pleasure you will see on the receivers face, Louis Vuitton Fashion Photography captures some of the most ubiquitous cultural milestones we know today.

Court Shoes


TopShopDolceGabbanaWith the days getting darker and colder we went on the lookout for something fresh and invigorating to brighten our spirits. The court shoe we are seeing this season is a completely modern silhouette from something we associate from a romantic time long past. LOÉIL, a newcomer from Los Angeles, has interpreted this show as a soft sock shoe with rolled cuffs. For a more classic shoe, go with the newest statement neutral—a metallic silver, like what Zara has done. Topshop has gone for a more literal interpretation of the court shoe, complete with the gorgeous velvet red in an angular blocky shape. The fold-over flap in the front is accented with a metal trim so the overall look is quirky and still very versatile. Dolce and Gabbana’s Mary Jane pumps still have the sentiments of the court shoe without being one, with its block heel, angular toe and lower profile. Try these shoes with everything you were wearing with the lace-up ballet flat from last season for an instant cool update.

  1. Loeil – Taupe Sock Flat Heel – $62.00
  2. Zara – Shiny Court Shoes – $49.90
  3. Topshop – Velvet Low Heel Court by Unique – $125.00
  4. Dolce Gabbana – ‘Jacky’ Mary Jane Pumps – $1,656.72

Sleek Sneaker

FFF_Sneaker3FFF_Sneaker1 FFF_Sneaker2 FFF_SneakerIMG_7769 FFF_SneakerIMG_7768FFF_SneakerIMG_7770FFF_SneakerIMG_7776

While we love a good pair of heels here, the saturation point of heels as the fashion go to might finally be upon us. We have been seeing casual sneakers worn elegantly it’s place. This is not the clunky gym period running shoe of its predecessor. These new shoes are completely fresh and unexpected because it is as feminine and as refined as any stacked pump. They have a distinct air of composure and style without turning tom boy or harried mom-on-the-run. In fact they are saying: I am sophisticated, I am chic, but I also have places to be.

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Croatian Fashion















Croatian fashion reflects the verve and whimsy of the people. It is bright colours and unexpected pairings with patterns. Indeed, one of the most iconic things about Croatia itself, is their interlacing patterns. You can see it’s influence in art and fashion, how it has evolved and shifted over time, to mix the traditional into the modern. Most of all, you will feel a sort of ease in their choices. Their style isn’t overthought, their clothes never try too hard. It’s bright and full of humour. Most of all, it’s a reflection of who they are.

Croatia Revisited

FFF-CroatiaRevisited-1-IMG_6583 FFF-CroatiaRevisited-2-IMG_6694 FFF-CroatiaRevisited-3-IMG_6618
FFF-CroatiaRevisited-4-Faranak-Kelly FFF-CroatiaRevisited-4-IMG_6791 FFF-CroatiaRevisited-5-IMG_6512 FFF-CroatiaRevisited-7-IMG_6757 FFF-CroatiaRevisited-8-IMG_6519 FFF-CroatiaRevisited-9-IMG_6773 FFF-CroatiaRevisited-10-IMG_6634 FFF-CroatiaRevisited-11-IMG_6685 FFF-CroatiaRevisited-12-IMG_6767

Here comes Croatia ‘again’! Its a blessing to have a friend that happens to be the most efficient planner in the world of traveling – My dear friend Kelly had it all covered once again; from the 12th century St. Benedict Monastery in Mjet to Korcula where Marco Polo apparently lived and of course, the party place – the Ibiza of Croatia… Hvar!!!

I had the pleasure of having a private tour of Tomic winery and meeting Mr. Tomic himself!  Franco Milos winery & Dingac were also on the list. We were taken by a very ‘driven’ & patriotic driver who knew every bit of the history of Hvar and was so proud of it, leading us to a remote, rocky road on the top of a mountain and ending up in an isolate village where suddenly from nowhere appeared a house that converted to a 6 seat restaurant on the very top of a mountain called Stori Komin… A wonderful, authentic Croatian meal had been prepared ahead of time and I had the opportunity to taste fresh capers, olive oil, vinegar, bread and wine – all home made or from his garden. An absolutely monumental & unforgettable gastronomic experience.

As much as I want Croatia to be a sacred and secret place, I feel compelled to share this great ‘find’ with fans of my blog!