1860 London Dress Shop Fitting

FFF - 1860 London Dress Shop Fitting

The clothes that we wear are representations of so many things. They are the burden of beauty in a snapshot of the times. They are the rituals and customs we create around a subculture dedicated to something that glides over our bodies. Clothing is so much more than just sown fabric. Our Vintage Vibes above captures all the nuances of getting dressed; this moment of time is a collective effort, a little tribe we create to surround ourselves with women who, literally, stand with us.

Deane Doug Finlayson


Born in 1919, the early half of the twentieth century shaped the fascinating life of Mr. Finlayson. He served in World War II as a pilot and instructor. This picture was taken during his service, as is evidence by the cockpit in the background. Even with his hair dashingly dishevelled in this sepia-toned memory, the sheer force of Mr. FInlayson’s personal charisma compels the onlookers gaze to linger. It takes a very special man to look this captivating with rolled-up sleeves and shorts, especially military issued ones.

After the war Mr. Finlayson became involved in politics and eventually became leader of the Conservative Party. As a land developer and entrepreneur he was invested in many projects including: several housing divisions, the Port Theatre and the Woodgrove Centre in Nanaimo. His talent and vision meant he had the opportunity to become aquainted with a long line of Prime Ministers; starting with John Diefenbaker, who once offered him a position as Minister of Environment. Mr. Finlayson received the Queens Jubilee Medal for service and was up for the Order of Canada before he died in 2005. In this picture and as evidenced in his life, he was the epitome of grace, of style, of a sort of masculine reassurance that has become something of a lasting emblem belonging to a bygone era.


Elena Julietta


This picture taken around 1943, this sepia toned memory captures a young girls moment of dressing up for a special occasion. Notice how darling and stylish she looks, even by today’s standards. Take note of the big bows and the peter pan collar that is now so ubiquitous with modern day twenty-somethings. The structured bag with the brass clasp seems so perfectly sculpted in comparison with the rest of her outfit. Style is inspirational, how many of these little forties outfits have influenced what we wear today?

Iran 1970s

This maybe super random, but it is a cultural ‘find’. One that takes us to the past, the past that I would like to remember and reminisce about. I found this short film on one of my favourite online shops, so I would like to share it with you.

In the 1970’s, a petroleum pipeline firm commissioned french film-director Claude Lelouch to make Iran (1971) as a gift for the Shah’s wife. He apparently shot six miles of film in order to make the film, which is an incredible example of juxtapositional editing. The score was composed by Francis Lai. – Courtesy of Creatures of Comfort


I was at Holts today with a client when I spotted this lady, as you can imagine you cannot miss her, she is truly shining in all her glitter and exudes such confidence. Vancouver  needs more of you Martha!


So Refined

This line up really represents beginning of Fall- layering, coziness and just pure girliness… We have a combinations of texture, color and patterns. When put together in this fashion all you need is a floppy hat or a fedora, preferably a classic men’s. Forget about all the trendy stuff that is out there trying so hard to be cool, just does not work! Last but not least the coin purse, my other obsession for skulls, so happy that they are not trendy. This particular one really made me giggle, since it is supposed to be a coin purse for a thousand bucks, now that is a heck of a lot of coins!


Knitted Tufty Gilet – $92
from Topshop
by ‘Topshop’


New York Deco Silk Shirt – $196
from Topshop
by ‘Topshop’


Pleated Silk Dotted Skirt – $460
from Violet Boutique and The Bay Downtown
by ‘Tucker’


Skull Clutch – $1080
from Polyvore
by ‘Natalia Brilli’


Leopard Platforms – $174.95
from Solestruck
by ‘Matiko Jovanna’