Croatia Revisited

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Here comes Croatia ‘again’! Its a blessing to have a friend that happens to be the most efficient planner in the world of traveling – My dear friend Kelly had it all covered once again; from the 12th century St. Benedict Monastery in Mjet to Korcula where Marco Polo apparently lived and of course, the party place – the Ibiza of Croatia… Hvar!!!

I had the pleasure of having a private tour of Tomic winery and meeting Mr. Tomic himself!  Franco Milos winery & Dingac were also on the list. We were taken by a very ‘driven’ & patriotic driver who knew every bit of the history of Hvar and was so proud of it, leading us to a remote, rocky road on the top of a mountain and ending up in an isolate village where suddenly from nowhere appeared a house that converted to a 6 seat restaurant on the very top of a mountain called Stori Komin… A wonderful, authentic Croatian meal had been prepared ahead of time and I had the opportunity to taste fresh capers, olive oil, vinegar, bread and wine – all home made or from his garden. An absolutely monumental & unforgettable gastronomic experience.

As much as I want Croatia to be a sacred and secret place, I feel compelled to share this great ‘find’ with fans of my blog!


Greetings from Croatia…


I’ve travelled through Europe and lived in London, two places that I have dreamt about visiting were Morocco and Prague, I certainly had not thought about Croatia!

When my dearest friend Kelly asked me to accompany her on this trip to Croatia… I was not sure what to make out of it… Sure it’s Europe and it’s close to Prague, so why not!

The day we arrived at Dubrovnik, everything changed, the old town, the ruins, cobblestone streets, there was an air of mystery, certain raw vibes in the air that I had not experienced any where else… not to mention our road trip to Montenegro, Split, Zadar and Lopud Island. The people are the most genuinely friendly and kindest that I’ve seen throughout my travels. I fell in love instantly and I am planning my next visit to wonderful, superb Croatia.

FFF-Croatia-LopudCastle FFF-Croatia-CafeTable
Dubrovnik, Old Town. A cafe along the street.

FFF-Croatia-BlossomsAndBricks FFF-Croatia-Faranak-And-Friend
Kelly and I.

FFF-Croatia-Faranak FFF-Croatia-BarCalledBuza
A bar called “Buza” (Buza means, “a hole in the wall” ). Inside Buza.

FFF-Croatia-Maria-Shop FFF-Croatia-LilShop
A shop called Maria, at Dubrovnik. A souvenir shop.

FFF-Croatia-LopudTShirt FFF-Craotia-SouvenierBag
Hand painted souvenirs by a lovely couple who live in Lopud Island, she is a lawyer and runs the boutique in Lafodia Hotel and he is a cook and an artist. Their unique gifts called  Unikatart.

FFF-Croatia-BeachLunch FFF-Croatia-PizzaDinner
Some food pics…

April Third

It was that time of the year again ‘birthday’.

As the years are exaggerating the anticipation of an exciting time diminishes, up to 40 was cool, anything beyond and above that I wish not to reveal. My intention was to get all the ‘besties’ together but it didn’t pan out, so it ended up being a bday week really, I’m not complaining! Much to my surprise it was nothing short of well surprises… Normally I would not even think about disclosing my gifts but some of these had to be revealed and relished.

I was pleasantly ecstatic when my friend Kasia presents me with a Tsumori Chisato wallet, are you kidding me, you heard it right my beloved Tsumori…Then the beautiful jewellery from Kelly from Blue Bird,  stripped Breton from J.Crew, a big thank you to Kim… Last but not least ever so needed pedi mani at the Four Seasons from my Misha… Sorry one  more;  ankle boots by Rag & Bone from hubby. This adventure ended with a few dinners, drinks and brunches. Not bad at all since I was not expecting to do anything ‘this’ time! xoxo



Secret Rendezvous

This event was for a good friend of mine’s birthday. I must admit it does pay off when you have a bunch of single(ish) glamorous friends, they are bound to find the most delicious places and this place literally was of that sort…purely delectable.

A  secret restaurant that was at the chefs own pad!!! How cool and how exclusive, it meant we were the only guests. It was the most gorgeous food and let me tell you, this is one of the only times that I dare to compare this experience to one that I had years ago in Cadaques, Barcelona.

Unfortunately, I cannot reveal where and how you get there. It is for me to tell the tale and for you curious cats to find out for yourselves.