Army and Navy

It’s late August and as always with this time of year; the shops and the little streets with tourists milling about linger. It’s that nostalgia that reawakens the sentimentality of end-of-summer sales and back to school specials. This was supposed to be a post about the next up-and-coming designer; but when the secret little shop we wanted to browse at suddenly became an open secret that only the rich and privileged could have access too; we decided changed our plans to capture the sweet days when fashion was about what you made of it. When style was about the wearer and not how many designers wares we could afford.

All 6 of these items are from Army and Navy, which since it has been around for 95 years now, has become an iconic discount department store chain. Just the kind of store our parents would drag us to this time of year. The kind of store where you go through the racks with a fine though comb, but will almost always leave with the satisfying success of discovering clothing that you will wear over and over again. Clothes that become part of your daily rotation, integrating itself into your life and becoming a part of the essence of the things we do without trying at all. The kind of clothing that becomes our style till the end of yet another muggy August.

Army and Navy


1. Mesh Tank Dress, Army and Navy $19.99
2. Color Block Bomber, Army and Navy $49.95
3. Red Spike Clutch, Army and Navy $19.99
4. Ankle Boot, Army and Navy $49.99
5. Leopard Ankle Strap Pointy Flats, Army and Navy $19.99
6. Sparkly Silver Brogues, Army and Navy $19.99

Greetings from Croatia…


I’ve travelled through Europe and lived in London, two places that I have dreamt about visiting were Morocco and Prague, I certainly had not thought about Croatia!

When my dearest friend Kelly asked me to accompany her on this trip to Croatia… I was not sure what to make out of it… Sure it’s Europe and it’s close to Prague, so why not!

The day we arrived at Dubrovnik, everything changed, the old town, the ruins, cobblestone streets, there was an air of mystery, certain raw vibes in the air that I had not experienced any where else… not to mention our road trip to Montenegro, Split, Zadar and Lopud Island. The people are the most genuinely friendly and kindest that I’ve seen throughout my travels. I fell in love instantly and I am planning my next visit to wonderful, superb Croatia.

FFF-Croatia-LopudCastle FFF-Croatia-CafeTable
Dubrovnik, Old Town. A cafe along the street.

FFF-Croatia-BlossomsAndBricks FFF-Croatia-Faranak-And-Friend
Kelly and I.

FFF-Croatia-Faranak FFF-Croatia-BarCalledBuza
A bar called “Buza” (Buza means, “a hole in the wall” ). Inside Buza.

FFF-Croatia-Maria-Shop FFF-Croatia-LilShop
A shop called Maria, at Dubrovnik. A souvenir shop.

FFF-Croatia-LopudTShirt FFF-Craotia-SouvenierBag
Hand painted souvenirs by a lovely couple who live in Lopud Island, she is a lawyer and runs the boutique in Lafodia Hotel and he is a cook and an artist. Their unique gifts called  Unikatart.

FFF-Croatia-BeachLunch FFF-Croatia-PizzaDinner
Some food pics…

Style Primer

Not many things that truly protect your health can be claim to be sexy, cool, seductive and alluring…not to mention functional! As a licensed Optician working in the industry I can confirm how transforming a ‘perfect’ pair of spectacles can be, therefore changing your whole shopping experience. These style hunters will show you, how it’s done!

eyeglasses 10
Image from Carolines Mode

eyeglasses 1
Image from Carolines Mode

eyeglasses 2 (facehunter)
Image from Facehunter

eyeglasses 3
Image from Carolines Mode

eyeglasses 12
Image from Carolines Mode

eyeglasses 5
Image from Carolines Mode

eyeglasses 6
Image from Carolines Mode

eyeglasses 11
Image from Carolines Mode

This Here Very Moment

THVM is our main focus here, I originally saw these denims at One Of A Few and had to tried them on but they weren’t the proper size, so I bought directly online at THVM. I am  certain with many of you out there finding a pair of jeans befitting the occasion is like finding a needle in a haystack! Last time I was this excited was when I located R13 jeans a few years back at Misch boutique; of course before they soared in price and they are virtually  unreachable… THVM is by far the most flattering fit especially If you have a feminine figure, comfortable and sexy at the same time, now that’s a winning combo.

Well the rest of the picks are just icing on the cake, the lace top from Zara it is simply stunning, the ILIA lipstick homegrown is the best in its class. The ring I came across at Bluebird, absolutely gorgeous. Bag and shoes will just finish up the look and make you ready for a ‘hip’ night out in town…


1. Zip Trousers, THVM – Was $196  Now $137

2. Lace Combined Frilly Top,  Zara – $59.90

3. Titan Crystal Ring, Vida Fede – $290

4. Neon Angel: Magenta Lipstick, Ilia Beauty – $26

5. MS by Martine Sitbon Side Pocket Navy Clutch, Oak NYCWas $415 Now $249

6. Shoe, Creatures of Comfort

High Street Genius

Looking back at fashion weeks that just passed, nothing inspired me more than what folks put together on the streets. Real genius starts and ends there…by that I don’t really consider or like to include the ‘privileged’ few like the editors, stylist or art directors etc. the real people putting high street, vintage and designer finds together and make it look effortless and chic. This week’s feature is my version of of my favourite pieces being the vintage Star Wars, Darth Vader t shirt inspired by my dearest friends Justin and Thea from Preen, their F/W 14 collection, a fab find from Community for $5.00!!

D&G Glasses, LensCrafters, $205

Silk Leopard Shirt, Joe Fresh, $29.99

Vintage Star Wars T-Shirt, Community, $5.00

Coral Wool Skirt, Value Village, $4.99

Gold Doc Martins, Gravity Pope, Regular $167.00 – On sale $59.99

Leather Bag, Zara, Regular $175, Sale $39.99