Uniforms can be a deliciously stylish alternative. It can be as much of a statement as it is a game changer. Think of Karl Lagerfled or Anna Wintour. A uniform can be a consistent no-fuss way of making you different from the pack. If you are not careful however, you will run the risk of seeming cliche, or worst, unimaginative and tedious. A uniform must revolve around luxurious, well-tailored essentials. We decided to give our basic a modern, unexpected twist by starting with a impeccably cut jumpsuit and a classic skinny LV belt. Layer with a slightly darker grey cardigan to keep warm from the A/C that seems to always be on full-blast around the office–but keep it from being boring with interesting jewellery, like this gold and black necklace. Lastly, make sure to have a pair of killer heels to polish off any uniform. This pair of black and white pumps would make any uniform elegantly fashion-forward.

1. White Muse Jumpsuit, Otte NYC – $450
2. Curve Bar Pendant Necklace, Oak + Fort, $15
3. Grey Cotton Crew Neck Cardigan, Uniqlo, $20
4. White LV Initial Madeleine Belt, Louis Vuitton, $705
5. Monroe Pointy Toe Mules, Sam Edelman – Was $182, Now $75

Ray Ban Revisited

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The must-have pair of shades for this summer are a little reminiscent of the bygone rock-and-roll cool. This classic round Ray-ban has been haunting the fashion blogosphere for a while now, and the reasons are obvious. It gives every outfit paired with it — whether fashion forward and elegant or boho casual — an effortless modern ’70’s vibe that is so on-trend this season. The best thing about this pair of sunnies though, is that it is exactly the opposite of a trend. It is a classic, beautifully understated piece that finishes any outfit with an equal aura of freedom and insouciance.

These Ray-Ban’s are available at LensCrafters, North Vancouver

Images from Carolines Modes, Sartorialist

Faranak DaCosta


We spent the other day window shopping in Gastown and chatted over coffee sitting in communal tables. The light filtering though the windows was perfect, and we were inspired to do an impromptu street style shot right then and there. Vancouver isn’t particularly a dressy city; you are far more likely to see athletic wear as you stroll downtown then something straight off the runway. But that is what makes dressing up, even just a little, so special. That extra bit of effort, and that little bit of whimsy and sophistication from said effort, makes a regular coffee date seem just a little extra special in return. Dress is Rachel Comey, Shoes Coach, & the bag Prada  circa 1992, practically vintage, last but not least the wonderful cat eye frames are Miu Miu.


Faranak daCosta

Shabby Not Chic



Sometimes, as much as we want to be fashion forward or think outside the ordinary we get swept away. We get swept away by darts and flaps and over-design. Over-accessorizing, with needless layers and competing colours. Over-thinking it all. Over-serious about something that should be joyful. Instead of inspiring we get a level of pretentiousness that will follow a fashion faux pas like a lingering bad smell. Indulge in fashion; be captivated by it’s playfulness, just don’t martyr yourself at it’s alter.

All About Culottes

culottes 2culottes 4 culoutts

culottes 3Today FFF is going to tackle one of this season’s trickiest trends: culottes. The modern cut of this swingy mid-length trouser lives somewhere between bohemian loose and expert tailoring. This stunning silhouette works well best with longer legs and a pear or hourglass shape. Petite girls will still find this cut flattering with a pointy-toe sling-back.

This pant is so versatile because it can be reinterpreted in a myriad of different textures, tied into multiple themes, and recast over and over again depending on what you need it to do. It goes from night in this stark black, white and red pairing. The culottes are a blank canvas for the rest of the outfit; the minimalism of the white pleat balancing the intricacies of the accessories and the feathered top.

As a daytime look, we’ve gone with a classic 70s vibe. The Oxford shirt, the cross strap flats and the culottes are an effortless chic. The laid back feel of this with the luxe coat and scarf make an envious statement. It also works in the office the same way: let it be the backdrop to an interesting shirt, or a killer pair of shoes.

Finally to our personal favourite of the season: leather culottes. It makes anything you are wearing, no matter how thrown together, seem both avant-garde and completely of the moment. Wear it anywhere.